Syngenta Canada launches Erebus Xtreme cereal herbicide

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • Grass and broadleaf cereal herbicide that uniquely combines Group 2 and Group 4 active ingredients in a pre-mixed liquid formulation
  • Enables growers to manage herbicide resistance concerns and avoid rotational crop restrictions

Syngenta Canada Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Erebus™ Xtreme, a new, cross-spectrum cereal herbicide that brings together Group 2 and 4 active ingredients for enhanced grass and broadleaf weed control.

Erebus Xtreme is a pre-mix liquid formulation of pyroxsulam (Group 2) and fluroxypyr (Group 4) for spring wheat, winter wheat and durum.

Using Erebus Xtreme, cereal growers will be able to effectively target a broad range of their most challenging grass and broadleaf weeds – including wild oats, Japanese brome, wild buckwheat, kochia, cleavers and hempnettle.

Erebus Xtreme can be applied from the four-leaf stage up to flag leaf emergence.

“Erebus Xtreme is a great addition to the robust Syngenta cereal herbicide portfolio and shows our commitment to bringing the types of products to market that meet the changing needs of western Canadian growers,” says Donavan Baer, Cereal Herbicide Product Lead with Syngenta Canada. “We are able to provide a convenient cross-spectrum solution for growers who want to manage resistance without compromising their crop rotation the following year.”

Baer adds that Syngenta is focused on providing the best experience for growers through industry-leading cereal herbicide expertise, service and support.

To learn how they can get Erebus Xtreme for their cereals in 2022, growers should speak with their local Syngenta Sales Representative or retailer.