Bee Health

We all have a role to play in protecting the health and well-being of pollinators. Pollinators are vital to maintaining a healthy and productive agricultural system.

Syngenta is committed to protecting pollinators and is involved with a number of initiatives locally and globally to support bee health.

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Picture of a bee
Worker wearing a mask

Protecting Workers

We take responsibility for stewardship of our products to allow farmers to grow the world’s food. Ensuring that our products are made, handled and used safely is our priority.

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Environmental health

From the discovery of a chemical molecule, to the disposal of an empty pesticide container, product stewardship is essential to the sustainability of modern agriculture and the environment in which we live.

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Picture of tractor

Modern technology

Food grown using modern agricultural technology is safe and healthy. We know that a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables is good for your health – whether grown using modern agricultural technology or by other farming methods.

In fact, scientific studies have shown there is no difference in the nutritional benefits of food grown using today’s agricultural technology or through organic production.

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