Dig Into Soil Teaches 4-H Members to be Soil Health Champions

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Youth across Canada will be digging into the topic of soil conservation this spring, with 4-H Canada’s newest at home learning initiative, Dig Into Soil, developed with support from Syngenta Canada Inc. These all-new activity kits, also available as an online activity resource, give 4-H’ers fun, hands-on ways to learn about the importance of healthy soils with their families, their clubs or on their own.

Healthy soil is the foundation to our planet, providing nutrients for all living things, helping clean our water and air, and growing our food. Dig Into Soil gives youth the opportunity to explore this relationship between sustainable agricultural practices, soil conservation, food security and climate change, and consider the impact their own choices can have. 

Through activities like “Sprouts and Soil Health” and “Movers and Shakers…. and Wigglers,” 4-H’ers will learn about biodiversity and the importance of soil health in food production, while “the Ultimate Compost Challenge” will grow their practical skills and “Shout-out About Soil” will give them the chance to demonstrate their youth leadership. 

“As we celebrate National Soil Conservation Week, we are excited to launch the Dig Into Soil Activity Kit as an exciting initiative in our ongoing partnership with Syngenta Canada,” said Shannon Benner, CEO at 4-H Canada. “Whether doing these activities on their own, with their families or with their clubs, 4-H’ers will not only learn new skills, but also be empowered to make an impact on these  important topics at home, in their communities and for the world.”  

“With 95% of the food we eat coming from the earth’s soil, it is important for 4-H’ers to engage on topics related to their food and the environment,” says Tara McCaughey, head of technical services for Syngenta Canada. “Fostering this interest is a part of our Syngenta ambition to help safely feed the world and take care of our planet. We are pleased to support more youth becoming soil champions with this creative hands-on program.” 

The Dig Into Soil Activity Kits are offered under 4-H Canada’s Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security Leadership Development Pillar, supported by Pillar Partner Syngenta Canada. Programming in the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security pillar empowers 4-H members to learn about sustainable farming practices and their impact, understand issues of food security at home and around the world, explore education and career choices in the agriculture sector, and meaningfully contribute to important global conversations, such as how to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

​​​​​​​To learn more about the Dig Into Soil Activity Kits please visit the 4-H website