Map: Parts of US Midwest Turning Drier 

It may still be early days for the 2022 cropping season, but conditions are already starting to dry out in the US Midwest. 

Due to recent heat and lack of rain, statewide topsoil moisture ranged from 20% to 44% short to very short as of Sunday in all Midwestern states, except Ohio, Minnesota, and North Dakota (see map below). Meanwhile, some states experienced a particularly notable week-over-week deterioration in topsoil soil moisture: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri all saw at least a 15-point increase in the poor to very poor rating from the previous week. 

In some cases, the decline in topsoil moisture coincided with a sharp fall in crop condition ratings. In Michigan, for example, where topsoil moisture rated poor to very poor jumped 16 points on the week to 20%, that portion of the state corn crop rated good to excellent tumbled 10 points to 70%, while the good to excellent rating for soybeans fell even more, down 13 points to 65%. 

It was a similar story for Illinois. Topsoil moisture rated poor to very poor in the state increased 19 points from the previous week to 31% as of Sunday, while the good to excellent rating for corn dropped 6 points to 71% and soybeans declined 10 points to 66%. 

Amid the Midwest heat and dryness, the overall condition of the US corn and soybean crops both slipped 2 points on the week to fall to 70% and 68%, respectively. 

The longer-term weather outlook for the Midwest is mixed. Scorching temperatures earlier this week are now moderating, with potentially below normal readings expected over the weekend. The 6- to 10-day outlook calls for the continuation of generally cooler weather for the Midwest, although just scattered showers means moisture deficits may continue build, especially in portions of Illinois and Indiana. 

Change in topsoil moisture

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