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Map: Agricorp Reports Strong Ontario Winter Wheat Yields

September 28, 2022

It was a banner year for many Ontario winter wheat producers this year.

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Pea, Lentil Ending Stocks Heavier

September 26, 2022

Canadian dry pea and lentil ending stocks for 2022-23 will be much heavier than previously expected, thanks to larger old-crop carryovers and bigger crops this year.

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Big Swing in Oat Production, Supplies, Stocks

September 26, 2022

Production, total supply, and ending stocks will rebound for most Prairie crops in 2022-23, but perhaps none so dramatically as oats.

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Most Alberta Yield Estimates Up; Canola Lower

September 23, 2022Read Article

Map: Drought in North Dakota, Other Plains States on the Rise

September 23, 2022

The amount of drought in North Dakota surged this past week, increasing by almost 12-fold.

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Seasonal Canola Upturn Soon Possible

September 21, 2022Read Article

Map: Seasonal Drought Outlook Unfavourable for Winter Wheat

September 21, 2022

The latest seasonal drought outlook from the US Climate Prediction Center continues to paint a worrisome picture for the 2023 US winter wheat crop, as well as parts of the Midwest.

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Canadian Food Prices Remain Elevated

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Strong Manitoba Pea, Dry Bean Yields

September 20, 2022

Strong, and in some cases exceptional, dry pea yields are being followed up in Manitoba by solid dry bean yields as well.

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“Extremely Difficult” Situation for Corn in 2022-23

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Chart: ‘Falling Top’ in Canola Futures

September 16, 2022

The general trend for canola futures remains pointed lower, with one analyst describing the chart pattern as a ‘falling top.’

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Barley Prices Seeing Surprising Harvest Strength

September 16, 2022

Western Canadian feedgrain bids have strengthened in recent weeks, bucking the usual seasonal harvest pressure.

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Saskatchewan Harvest Surges on Good Weather

September 15, 2022

The Saskatchewan harvest surged from less than half to almost two-thirds complete this past week amid ideal conditions.

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