Lentil, Dry Pea Stocks Down from Last Year

Canadian lentil stocks as of March 31 were down sharply from a year earlier while dry peas saw a marginal decline.

With a nearly 16% rise in exports, national lentil stocks as of the end of March amounted to 1.1 million tonnes, down almost 25% from a year earlier and the lowest stocks level for that date since just 555,000 in 2016, according to a Statistics Canada stocks report released on Thursday. On-farm lentil stocks as of March 31 were down more than 27% from a year ago while commercial stocks slipped just 4.3%.

Meanwhile, national dry pea stocks as of March 31 fell 1.5% from the previous year to 1.8 million tonnes. Although the total 2019-20 dry pea supply was up almost 8%, a strong export pace (+22.4%) kept stockpiles in check. Commercial pea stocks as of March 31 increased 4.1% from last year to 404,700 tonnes, and on-farm stocks declined 3% to 1.4 million tonnes.

Based on March – July lentil usage last year of 851,000 tonnes, 2019-20 lentil ending stocks could end up around 250,000 tonnes, below the April Agriculture Canada forecast of 350,000.

Dry pea usage between March and July of last year amounted to 1.56 million tonnes, suggesting a 2019-20 ending stocks level of 240,000 tonnes, versus the Ag Canada estimate of 325,000.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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